Is Dragonpharmastore.US Legit ?

Is Dragonpharmastore.US Legit?

Scammer Be Aware

Is Dragonpharmastore.US Legit?

Fake Website:;

Is Dragonpharmastore.US Legit? NO, is a fraudulent website that accepts only bitcoin as payment. It preys on individuals in need of prescription drugs or supplements. Also scammer is: – the different is prefix S in the end of domain.

This website operates with an ill-intentioned motive to deceive people and scam them of their hard-earned money. There have been numerous reports of people sending their bitcoin to this fraudulent site and never receiving the products they ordered.

It is important to be vigilant and cautious when dealing with websites that only accept bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, and once you have sent your bitcoin payment to a fraudulent website like Dragonpharmastore.US, there is no way to get it back.

On the other hand, DragonPharmastore.COM is a legitimate website that provides customers with genuine prescription drugs and supplements. The website operates with a customer-centric focus, ensuring that customers are provided with the highest quality products at affordable prices. Unlike Dragonpharmastore.US, DragonPharmastore.COM accepts different payment methods, including credit cards and other online payment options.

Real DragonPharmaStore Web Site is:

Real Website: